December 2010 Concert – “I Believe”

(Antonio Vivaldi, 1678-1741)
Violin: Joohyun Kim, Laura Mericle, Peiyun Lee, Vicki Swedish; Viola: Faith Howe, Sally Bennett; Cello: Mark Bridges

What Is Our Life?
(Orlando Gibbons, 1583-1625; poem by Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552-1618)

Hymne au Soleil
(Lili Boulanger, 1893-1918; poem by Casimmir Delavigne, 1793-1843)

In Remembrance
(Eleanor Daley, 1907-2003)

The Peace of Wild Things
(Joan Szymko, b. 1957; poem by Wendell Berry, b. 1934)

Life’s Mirror
(Eleanor Daley, 1907-2003; poem by Madeline Bridges (1844-1920)
Oboe: Becca Dora

The Hour Has Come
(Srul Irving Glick, 1934-2002; poem by Carole H. Leckner)