How to Join

Who can join?

Any adult with some choral singing experience is welcome to join the Choral Arts Society Chorale. Basic music reading knowledge is of course helpful. Our choir has members of all ages and a range of ability. We do not require a formal audition, but you may be asked to sing for the director to determine voice range and section placement.

How do I join?

Joining is easy—just contact the choir to let us know you’re interested. We’ll send you information as it becomes available. Then, just show up at rehearsal and see how it goes!

Member Dues

The Choral Arts Society Chorale is supported mainly by membership dues paid at the beginning of each semester. Some assistance my be available if you are not able to pay the full amount up front.


We rehearse weekly for 13 or 14 weeks before each performance. The spring semester runs from January to May, and the fall semester from September to December. See the calendar for specific dates for the current or upcoming term.


The group performs a variety of material from all eras, including a cappella pieces and works accompanied by piano and chamber orchestra.


We perform twice at the end of each semester—one free concert for a local assisted living community, and a paid performance at a local venue (often a church) for the general public. Other events may be scheduled as time and availability allow.


“Every day is improved by singing. It’s nice not to have to audition for the choir and to learn as we sing.” ~Ruth Gundlach

“We only do two concerts a semester, so we get to know the music well. I like the weekly rehearsals, the people.” ~Nan Baillies

“Definitely give it a try! Come join a few rehearsals and you’ll very likely be hooked.” ~Molly Rice